As part of the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the publication of the first issue of Global Custodian magazine, we are honoring the men and women who have shaped the securities services industry of today. Published in print and here online, this list of Legends continues to grow. Check back soon as more are added to the Securities Services Hall of Fame.

Congratulations to our inaugural Hall of Famers -- we look forward to 20 more years of achievement and growth, and to adding new Legends to our Hall of Fame

THE LEGENDS (sorted by last name)

  1. Bacher, Ulf

  2. Backer, Dean View Profile

  3. Barton, Dre

  4. Bateman, Adam

  5. Batten, David

  6. Bausano, Barry View Profile

  7. Bhend, Markus

  8. Biggs, Penelope View Profile

  9. Bilbé, David

  10. Binney, Robert

  11. Blount, Ed View Profile

  12. Bodman, Taylor View Profile

  13. Bois, Michel

  14. Bonn, Nicholas View Profile

  15. Bonner, Douglas

  16. Boogers, Carla

  17. Bosschaerts, Annik

  18. Bourgi, Ramy View Profile

  19. Brennan, Martin View Profile

  20. Breysse, Gilles

  21. Bridges, Leona View Profile

  22. Brown, Marianne

  23. Bryan, Adam

  24. Bryan, Nick View Profile

  25. Budzyna, John