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The new quarterly title covering the latest on financial technology
developments in the capital markets.


FinTechQ is the new financial technology title dedicated to technology advancements and innovation in the capital markets. Through our quarterly print, digital, research and events we bring our audience the latest analysis of FinTech trends and news via our range of platforms. The magazine is produced by the combined teams of Global Custodian and The TRADE.

Our team's experience in covering market infrastructure and the industry from a front, middle and back-office perspective allows us to focus on the FinTech developments that really matter. Putting us in a perfect position to track the rapidly accelerating progress of FinTech.

Across all out platforms we focus on technology developments such as distributed ledger technology, artificial intelligence, RegTech, robo-advisors, cloud technology, digital transformation, smart contracts, advanced analytics and industry issues such as regulation, standards, collaboration and culture.

These innovations are impacting everything from trade execution, pre- and post-trade, reference data, KYC, AML and a range of other topics covered by Global Custodian and The TRADE on a daily basis.

FinTech will be at the heart of the industry's future as it reduces costs, increases efficiencies and enhances client relationships, and FinTechQ will be there for the journey as the capital markets transform before our eyes.


FinTechQ's audience is a combination of the two brands - Global Custodian and The TRADE, equating to over 22,000 readers.

These include:

Custodians, FinTech firms, investment banks, fund administrators, buy-side dealers, high frequency traders, sell-side brokers, prime brokers, broker/dealers, investment consultants, mutual fund managers, mutual fund administrators, CSDs, CCPs, consultants, regulators, trading venues, regulators, lobbyists, industry associations and more...

2017 Calendar and pricing

February 2017 - Magazine Launch Event

Meet the FinTechQ team and network at our magazine launch party which will also feature breakout discussions on the biggest themes covered in our first issue.

Publication dates:


Newsletter sponsorship #FinTechFridays $500 USD banner placement and links (this could maybe also include a blog placement should we be looking at series)

Elevator pitch $1000 USD this includes the video plus the profile within the supplement please refer to the PDF (only for start-ups)

Single Page brand advert $3500 USD

Thought leadership print $6000 USD double page spread on topic of choice. Single page $3500 USD.

Spotlight digital (microsite) $8000 USD various options available please see PDF attached (this will include 800 words in print)

Exclusive FinTech Research (survey) & Panel session or webinar $25000 USD.
The survey is open to exclusive sponsorship and offers a range of marketing and market intelligence opportunities .These include:
A month-long online survey, on Trade & GC website under FinTech Q umbrella
Access to, and exclusive use of the proprietary data throughout the collection process.
Dedicated report to accompany the FinTech Q supplement .
Three week data capture around final and full published report, available as a PDF under the sponsor's brand, and accessed via the digital newsletter and dedicated websites.
The panel session will take place at the end of each quarter , we would expect a minim of 150 attendees this will be a mix of banks and FinTechs from the capital market space.

Our story...

To create a magazine about innovation you have to think like an innovator.

So when best minds from The TRADE and Global Custodian teams got together to brainstorm some possible names and themes for a new FinTech magazine, we turned our office into - what we deemed to be - an innovation lab for the day.

Our group of (mostly) millennials took half a dozen marker pens and wrote every technological buzzword we could conjure up on a whiteboard in our office, in attempt to inspire a name for the magazine. It was a casual Friday so there were chinos aplenty and not a collared shirt in sight. There were as many empty espresso cups lying around as there were people, and the day was spent yelling potential moments of genius at each other in hope of something sticking.

This is how we perceived the setups of the world’s FinTech community to be, and we weren’t far off with our stereotypes as we discovered when we visited BT’s own innovation lab >> in London.

We came up with streams of ideas for features in our own brainstorming session, so many that we’ve shuffled some onto our next couple of editions. The name of the magazine took a bit longer though. After hours of throwing around suggestions, someone came up with just adding a Q on the end of FinTech…and thus FinTechQ was born.

Looking back, the pop-up innovation lab might not have been so necessary. Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest.Our thesis behind the launch of FinTechQ was that between both brands we cover the front office, all the way through to middle- and back-office operations, with a combined readership of investment banks, brokers, custodians, technology vendors and everything in between. Each and every one of these players is looking at FinTech in one way or another. As Sapient Global Market’s Leda Glyptis explained to us “there is no financial services institution, no matter how you define what they do, that isn’t in the business of FinTech.”

Back in 1989, Global Custodian magazine was created as its namesakes were suddenly looking after an influx of foreign assets. In 2004 The TRADE magazine was launched in response to the rise of algorithmic trading.

In 2016, FinTechQ was launched because financial technologies are going to change the capital markets and the way they operate, and we’re going to be right there with you for the ride.

Jonathan Watkins
Managing Editor
The TRADE and Global Custodian