COVER STORYMarch 01, 1997 5:00 AM GMT

Exporting the Amerian dream

The logic of defined contribution plans is taking root globally. Can the large US financial houses ride on DC's wings into international markets? By Tina Ruyter


Building a better benchmark

The process of building an objektive, accurate, and reliable securities leading perfomance measurement benchmark may be easier than building the pyramids. By James Cataldo

March 01, 1997 5:00 AM GMT

The bung bang theory

Will non-dollar repos ever find their way to US shores? By Ellen Taylor

CUSTODYMarch 01, 1997 5:00 AM GMT

Inside Chaseside

Young workers who enjoy sunbathing and tending to $1 trillion in assets have found a home at Bournemouth. By Dominic Hobson

FUND MANAGEMENTMarch 01, 1997 5:00 AM GMT

The grand acquisitor

Boston-based United Asset Managment's Chief, Norton Reamer, has made it his business to acquire the fund management business of others--worldwide. By George Palmer

March 01, 1997 5:00 AM GMT

The Nutt alternative

AMG's CEO takes a different path to acquisitions. By George Palmer

MARKETSMarch 01, 1997 5:00 AM GMT

Lion cub of Zion

The Tel Aviv Stock Ezchange is working hard to solve its problems, match the efficiency of its clearinghouse, and win back the confidence of local and foreign money. By Steve Bergsman

VIEWPOINTMarch 01, 1997 5:00 AM GMT

Me and you and EMU

European editor Dominic Hobson takes a probing look at the trends in European custody in light of ongoing industry consolidation and the proposed introduction of Euro. By Dominic Hobson

March 01, 1997 5:00 AM GMT

Under the technology hammer

Custodians who haven't moved down the EMU road will likely be run over. By Dominic Hobson

PENSION FUNDSMarch 01, 1997 5:00 AM GMT

Argentina's private parts

Argentina's private-sector alternative to its National Pension Scheme is catching the attention-and the contributions-of the country's working class. By Steve Bergsman

March 01, 1997 5:00 AM GMT

Pension powered

Argentine equities get boost from new system. By Steve Bergsman

REGULATIONMarch 01, 1997 5:00 AM GMT

Night of the regulators

London's plethora of regulatory bodies has done little to stem a rather unseemly tide of financial scandals, casting a dark shadow on the issue of investor protection. By George Palmer

March 01, 1997 5:00 AM GMT

The big picture

A global custodian's view on financial scandal. By George Palmer