December 1992

Editorial Comment

By GC Team  December 01, 1992 5:00 AM GMT


Growing restless behind her desk, managing editor Lorna Cox took her tape recorder and camera to India in midyear for this issue's country profile. She found a land brimming with newfound enthusiasm for its capital markets and an increasingly attractive center for international investment.

Cox brought home with her more than just information about India's capital markets. "Everything that's said about Indian warmth and hospitality is true," she says.

With each passing year, Global Custodian's agent bank review becomes a more formidable organizational task. It has also become increasingly important in the industry, being the only independent survey that rates subcustodians around the world. Its execution falls on the capable shoulders of surveys editor Shannon Engels, who spends months riding herd on banks, investment managers, brokerages, and institutional investors for their feelings about the agent banks that serve them around the world. "Choosing subcustodians has in a short period of time become vitally important in the global securities services business," notes Engels. "It's exciting to help develop the benchmarks by which subcustodians are chosen."