Custody October 14, 2012

Airlie Funds Management Mandates RBC Investor Services

Australian fund management company Airlie Funds Management has appointed RBC Investor Services to provide custody, unit registry and fund administration.

The management company chose RBC Investor Services because of a good relationship with the key executives of the firm, plus it has a strong working knowledge of the custodians processes, says David Cooper, managing director of Airlie Funds Management.

It was our intention from day one to ensure the custody, unit registry and fund administration was industry best practice, Cooper says. We want to hit the ground running with the launch of our new fund and with the service and support RBCIS provides, we can focus on providing solid returns for our clients.

Cooper is the former managing director of Treasury Group. Airlie is headed by John Sevior, former head of equities at Perpetual.

We were able to provide a complete end-to-end solution flexible for Airlies immediate needs and we look forward to working with them as their funds gains traction in the Australian marketplace, says David Travers, managing director of Australia for RBC Investor Services.


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