People Moves September 21, 2011

Jane Perry Resigns as J.P. Morgan WSS Australia and New Zealand CEO

J. P. Morgan Australia and New Zealand Worldwide Securities Services (WSS) CEO Jane Perry has resigned, citing changes to her personal circumstances.

Mark Kelley, currently Americas markets executive for WSS, will be become WSS CEO of J.P. Morgan Australia and New Zealand and the senior for treasury and securities services (TSS) country lead. He will relocate to Sydney in the next few months. Perry will stay with J.P. Morgan until the end of the year to aid the transition.

Kelley has worked in financial services for more than 20 years and worked for J.P. Morgan for five years. Prior to J.P. Morgan, Mark held several positions, including regional business head of Citigroup's Securities and Fund Services Europe, Middle East and Africa division.

Perry has been CEO of Australia and New Zealand WSS for four years. Under her tenure, J.P. Morgan acquired ANZs custody business.

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